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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Biggest Supporter

Today is day three of "Diabetes Blogging Week": Your biggest supporter. Via Karen ...."Sure, our diabetes care is ultimately up to us and us alone. But it’s important to have someone around to encourage you, cheer you, and even help you when you need it. Today it’s time to gush and brag about your biggest supporter". 

There have been supporters throughout our journey with The Sugar Princess's type 1 diabetes.....
  • My husband supports me and and I support him a great deal (he is amazing)!!
  •  TuDiabetes, Kerri from Six Until Me, Children with Diabetes, Robert from dLife,and Type 1 Parents opened the online diabetes community door....I love all my D-moms (and dads) - what would I ever do without all of you!!  The encouraging words, the friendship, the insight, the love, the knowledge, the "tricks", allowing me to vent, cry, and be me, the laughter (when I need it the most to keep sane!), the understanding....the support.   I love you all.
  • My in-laws...A.K.A: "Papa" and "Beeka" - the only family members who stepped up to the plate and help us take care of our Sugar Princess.  They don't feel comfortable taking complete control yet, but what they have been able to do so far, we are very thankful for.  They call us with every blood sugar check and we determine how much insulin to give, what food to give her (how many carbohydrates, etc).  They took a giant step a couple of months ago and had The Sugar Princess spend the night.  They called us with every meal time, snack time, blood check, insulin injection, etc., but it was still great for my husband and I to finally (in three years) have an overnight "date" together.  I think they would be very capable of making decisions and corrections/calculations on their own, but they are very afraid that they will do something wrong...I (and my husband) don't mind that they check in!! I would probably call them anyways lol, because I'm such a worrier!  It makes me sad that my mother and sisters haven't made any step in helping and sometimes, I admit, it makes me angry, but I'm hoping someday we are lucky enough to have a Meri's Lisa!


  1. If I could clone her I would. I am very fortunate, and I try not to take it for granted.

    I'm glad you have who you do. My side of the family isn't involved in the care like my husbands. Some can do it, and some can't.

    Too bad they don't know what they are missing. Our children are worth every minute of the effort!

  2. Jay and I haven't had an "overnight date" since Addy was dx 5 years ago.

    I can't tell you how much we long for a weekend away.

    I wish we all had a Lisa.

  3. Ronda, I'm right there with you. I soooo wish we had a Lisa. My parents will watch the kids for a few hours here and there, but my dad is not well and demands a lot of care himself. The combination of Jack and my dad is a lot for my mom to handle at once, so we only ask for help when we truly need it. My husband's father, however, is an insulin-dependent type 2 in good shape and fully capable, along with his wife, of taking care of our kids. They'd be THE perfect supporters, except that they have never ever once in our almost 9 years of parenting offered to watch the kids. Makes us sad. Deep down, I know though that they are the ones missing out, because our kids are GREAT kids. And you know what? Your mother and sisters are missing out, too. They're missing precious time with your wonderful girls. I hope that some day they come around and realize that...or that a Lisa walks into your life. If nothing else, know that your D moms are there, supporting you all the way!!!