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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Queen Alopecia Loves Her Buff!!

Today happened to be picture day at school.  Normally, an elementary student would be excited about getting ready for the big picture day at school.  Wearing new clothes, applying lip gloss, picking out earrings, doing their HAIR, but Queen Alopecia was stuggling this morning.  Today would be the first school picture with no hair.  Yes, she has a wig, but she absolutely hates wearing it.  She said that she doesn't feel like herself; like she is trying to be someone  else, and it's not that comfortable.  I think she looks adorable wearing her wig, but she is the one that has to deal with this situation.....this autoimmune disease.  If she doesn't want to wear her wig, I'm not going to make her.

She said this morning, "Mom, I'm just not going to look the same.......I'm never going to be like I was!" My heart broke for her.  Ofcourse, I try my best to comfort her.  She is beautiful with or without hair, but she is now beginning to recognize the snickers, the laughter, the staring, the pointing......

It makes her smile when her father and I say "You are beautiful", but she longs to hear it from someone else other than her family.  We speak the truth, family or not, but she needs and wants more.

She wore her new pink dress (Is there really any other color??), her hoop earrings, her lip gloss.....  We painted her nails pink and then it was time to pick out some type of headcovering.  She has worn all of them here and there and today it was like trying to create a new hair style.  I could see the frustration on her face.....  The headcovings she had were not working with her dress.  Little did she know that I bought her a few new Buffs for Christmas and it was time for an early Christmas present.   You should have seen her face when I reveled her new Buff from KitShack - this website has the best Junior Buff collection that I have seen online up to this date.  I showed her the Butterfly Buff that matched her dress perfectly and Queen Alopecia's smile was priceless.  She looked into the mirror and had such a big smile on her face.  I think inside she knows that what I say is true - she is beautiful inside and out.....and that I'm not just saying that because I'm her mother.

Hope to post the school picture soon.  Until is Queen Alopecia displaying some of her buffs!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mail Exchange.....Building Friendships!

 A big shout out to Cindy from Eaten Alive who organized a mail exchange for our kids.  The best part is that not only kids with Type 1 were included; Their non-D siblings were included too.  Both my girls were really excited about getting involved and communicating with another child their age who might live in a different state or even a different country.  Very exciting!!  Queen Alopecia was matched up with Bridget, Reyna's daughter from Beta Buddies!!  How cool was this?....I read Reyna's blog all the time and now our daughters are penpals and are in the process of building a great friendship.  Very Cool!!  Queen Alopecia was so excited about her package and couldn't wait to open it.  Below are pictures of Queen Alopecia the day Bridget's package arrived...

Queen Alopecia thought that the box was very pretty and she refuses to get rid of it because it's just too pretty to throw away!

Queen Alopecia thought it was too funny that the gift was wrapped inside!

Queen Alopecia reading every word that Bridget had to say and thought it was cool that Bridget just moved into a new house.  We also will be moving into a new house soon. Bridget told us that her brother Joe has Diabetes and that if she wanted to learn more about it, she could look it up!  Queen Alopecia said, "I know all about Diabetes!"  Another thing they have in common! Then the question of all questions....Hey mom, can we get a 55 inch TV like Bridget's family?  Daddy thinks that it's a great idea!

Queen Alopecia...."How did Bridget know that I love this stuff"?
Thank you Bridget! I hope you get my letter soon and I hope you like your gift!
Write me back soon!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Once You Go won't go anywhere else!

Head on over to Tallygear and try to win (in my opinion) the best insulin pump belt out there for very active children.  The Sugar Princess has many insulin pump packs/pouches/belts and she continues to wear all of them.  Some because they match her outfit.....some because they glitter or sparkle, but the one that she absolutely loves are her Tallygear Tummietote Belts!!  The Sugar Princess is a very active little girl and when she is playing, running, and tumbling around these belts keep her insulin pump in place!  They are also so comfortable that the Sugar Princess forgets that she is wearing her pump and she sleeps with it one too.  You cannot tell that she is wearing it under her shirt.  You know have an opportunity to win one of these great belts and the best part is that they come in different sizes and can be used for other things besides insulin pumps....cell phones, ipods, etc.  I can't say enough good things about them.  Below is The Sugar Princess displaying her tummietote belt!
Wearing her tummietote belt while swimming!!
Wearing her favorite tummietote belt under her shirt!