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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Queen Alopecia Loves Her Buff!!

Today happened to be picture day at school.  Normally, an elementary student would be excited about getting ready for the big picture day at school.  Wearing new clothes, applying lip gloss, picking out earrings, doing their HAIR, but Queen Alopecia was stuggling this morning.  Today would be the first school picture with no hair.  Yes, she has a wig, but she absolutely hates wearing it.  She said that she doesn't feel like herself; like she is trying to be someone  else, and it's not that comfortable.  I think she looks adorable wearing her wig, but she is the one that has to deal with this situation.....this autoimmune disease.  If she doesn't want to wear her wig, I'm not going to make her.

She said this morning, "Mom, I'm just not going to look the same.......I'm never going to be like I was!" My heart broke for her.  Ofcourse, I try my best to comfort her.  She is beautiful with or without hair, but she is now beginning to recognize the snickers, the laughter, the staring, the pointing......

It makes her smile when her father and I say "You are beautiful", but she longs to hear it from someone else other than her family.  We speak the truth, family or not, but she needs and wants more.

She wore her new pink dress (Is there really any other color??), her hoop earrings, her lip gloss.....  We painted her nails pink and then it was time to pick out some type of headcovering.  She has worn all of them here and there and today it was like trying to create a new hair style.  I could see the frustration on her face.....  The headcovings she had were not working with her dress.  Little did she know that I bought her a few new Buffs for Christmas and it was time for an early Christmas present.   You should have seen her face when I reveled her new Buff from KitShack - this website has the best Junior Buff collection that I have seen online up to this date.  I showed her the Butterfly Buff that matched her dress perfectly and Queen Alopecia's smile was priceless.  She looked into the mirror and had such a big smile on her face.  I think inside she knows that what I say is true - she is beautiful inside and out.....and that I'm not just saying that because I'm her mother.

Hope to post the school picture soon.  Until is Queen Alopecia displaying some of her buffs!!


  1. Oh, they are awesome! Good call mom! Look at her smile. :) BEAUTIFUL! So worth an early Christmas present!

  2. Bless her heart! Both of your girls have a lot on their little plates. I love that you had a buff in reserve to surprise her with! She is darling.

  3. She is such a cutie! I am astounded at her courage to be herself and NOT wear a wig. What an awesome mom you are to teach her she is beautiful. We live in a society that is all about looks and it can be cruel sometimes! She IS beautiful, and I love the pics! Way to be!

  4. That is awesome you had one for her that worked with her outfit! They gotta match you know! :) I can't wait to see her school picture.

  5. She is truly beautiful! Hair is not needed! I'm not family, Queenie - so take it from me! You are a lovely lady - very pretty! Hair does not make you pretty... it's the light in your eyes and the smile on your face!

  6. Tell Q.A. she is rockin' that buff! I prefer to wear accessories on my head ALL THE TIME. I don't know why, I have for years. I like how the buff kind of ties in the front for some "volume" or "texture" if you will. Bridget and I cannot wait to see the school pix Q.A. AND Bridge wants to know if you have your Wii up and running yet? She is ready to hook up on Animal Crossings!!! Love you, The Mahers

  7. Thanks everyone for such sweet comments! was the way to go for sure.

    Amanda...thank you for your kins words.

    Rachel...her courage amazes me too! is wondeful how many choices there are. My husband loves going hunting so he had me order her a orange camo one so she could go with him (father daughter bonding). I was surprised to find one!

    Hallie...Thank you Hallie - you brought tears to my eyes and when I show her this post it will be nice for her to hear it from someone other than family.

    Reyna....animal crossing is a go! We will be sending Bridget her code very soon! Love you too!

  8. (I tried to post a comment previous...sorry if I appear to be a BLOG HOG, but it didn't go through so I'm back!!!)


    In a time where so many girls are obsessed with appearance, it's so refreshing to stumble upon such a sweet young lady who isn't afraid to be bold and be proud of the person God made her to be.

    I love her. ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!!!!!!

    HI FIVE!!!!!!

  9. Thank you Wendy!
    I'm so proud of her too!

  10. I just found your blog and so glad i did! Youre daughter is beautiful and what a spirit shines through in that smile!! Look forward to getting to know you.

  11. She is beautiful and what a spirit - to know that she shines no matter what! That's beauty my friend, that's beauty. We should all be so lucky! She has a great smile!