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Friday, January 21, 2011

My First Sugar Bolus Give-a-way!

Welcome Friends!!
I'm excited to say that I am hosting this week's
Sugar Bolus Give-a-way! 

Did you know that the month of January is...

 What a better way to say thank-you to my readers and/or followers...right?
I have three great prizes for this week's winner!

1. The first prize for the winner is an absolute favorite of Queen Alopecia! 

The House of Buff at KitShack!

What is a Buff? is a multifunctional tubular accessory ideal for many activities. Junior Buff® keeps you warm in the cold, plus wickmoisture keeps you cool when it’s hot. The lightweight,breathable, moisture wicking fabric is wind resistant and extremely comfortable to wear.This is not just for Alopecians...these buffs can be worn by anyone.  A matter of fact....I have one that I use when I work-out or when I go running.  These buffs are also worn by contestants on the Hit TV show Survivor - which starts on Feburary 16th, 2011 if you are a survivor fan like me!!  The winner will get a Junior Spiderman Buff!  Who is better to kick some autoimmune disease butt than Spiderman!!! Lol!! 
This was donated from THE HOUSE OF BUFF AT KITSHACK.

In the above picture you really can't see the full design of Spiderman
so I posted below what it would look like if unfolded! Junior sizes are for head circumferences between 19" and 21" (when measured just above the ears).
The color below that looks teal is really another shade of blue.

You can wear Buffs multiple ways. 
See the below video to see the many ways that you are able to wear a Buff....they are awesome!!

Queen Alopecia no longer likes wearing a wig.  She wears a Buff everyday and has close to twenty of them.  It is her headcovering of choice and she does everything wearing them....even cartwheels!!  Below are some pictures of Queen Alopecia wearing different kinds of buffs...

Queen Alopecia....School picture - Fall 2010

Queen Alopecia with Santa 2010

Queen Alopecia playing soccer - her buff stays securely on her head!

Queen Alopecia being silly with all her Buffs.

2. The second prize for the winner is one of The Sugar Princess's favorite pump cases!!
An Angel Bear pump case!!!  These pump cases are made by Grandma Cindy or Grandma Rita.  I ordered a pump case for The Sugar Princess with a matching pump case and toy insulin pump from Angel Bear Pump Stuff Inc. for Christmas (when she opened her present and found an American Girl doll wearing an insulin pump with a case that matched hers....oh my goodness, the look on her face was priceless!!)  Along with my order was another pump case with the attached message...

"Help us help another child or loved
one be comfortable wearing an
insulin pump"

I decided to add it to this giveaway!! Woot! Woot!  Below is the pump case included in this week's giveaway...

This insulin pump case is large enough to fit an Animas One Touch Ping pump, but Angel Bear Pump Stuff Inc. also custom makes insulin pump cases to fit any insulin pump out there.  They have a huge fabric selection, but you can also send her your own fabric!!  That is pretty win or lose check out her website!!  Pictured below is The Sugar Princess wearing Angel Bear's Christmas design and also a picture of her "Type 1 Diabetes" American Girl doll!

These insulin pump cases lay flat and do not "bounce around" when she is active!

The Sugar Princess and her American Girl doll wearing matching pump cases!!

3.  The third prize for the winner is something special....

It is traditional that a bluebird close by will bless you with good health and happiness.

I hope this is true.
I wish this for you.

The bluebird of happiness that the winner will receive is a baby bluebird of happiness.
It measures 2"x2" is the perfect size to put on display on any shelf in your home.
The bottom is also signed by Leo Ward himself.

I have one in my home just like it and thought it would be perfect to include one in this giveaway because...

  1. It is blue and everytime I see something blue....I think of diabetes awareness and the universal symbol for diabetes.
  2. It is a "baby" bluebird....I think of not only my children, but all children.
  3. I'm superstitious so anything that says it is going to bless me and my family with good health and happiness is something that I'm not going to pass up!  Are you superstitious??

Thank you again for stopping by, for leaving comments, for following this blog, for being great friends, for giving much needed support, and for helping me keep sane!!

If you are excited about winning this Autoimmune Island Giveaway, this is what you need to do....

Leave me a comment before midnight on Thursday, January 27th, 2011. Please include your first name. Comments left without a name will be eliminated.

To earn extra entries (post a separate comment for each):

  1. Tweet about this giveaway, then leave a comment with a link 
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● Winners will be selected via random draw at

● Winners' names will be posted here on this blog on Friday, January 28th, 2011.

● After winners' names are posted, winners will have 48 hours to send a message to me at If I do not hear from a winner within 48 hours, I will select a new winner.

**If you would like to host your own sugar bolus contact Wendy from Candy Hearts and sign up!**


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