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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Do You Worry About?

My oldest daughter, Queen Alopecia, who is in the 3rd Grade, is reading the chapter book "Charlotte's Web".  She reads three chapters of this book for homework each night and then has to answer questions about what she just read. Everyone is in bed (except for me ofcourse...I do the midnight blood sugar checks) and I wanted to read over Queen Alopecia's answer's just to make sure she was answering them correctly.  I then found myself in tears.....See below!

Queen Alopecia lives with Alopecia Universalis (an autoimmune disease where her own body attacks her hair follicles) read more here....

Her answers really make me think about how her days at school go.  Are the students understanding, do they shy away from her like she is contagious or something?  Is she bullied?  Questions that I have asked her before, and she says that school is okay, but is she just saying these things so I don't worry about her?  Queen Alopecia is handling her situation well, but will her self-esteem continue to be strong?  This is what I worry about...
Then to also read that she worries about her sister's "numbers" (Type 1 Diabetes) just breaks my heart all over again.  This is what I worry about too.....
Worries....I seem to be consumed by them :(


  1. What a beautiful little girl. She is amazing!! I am not a fan of these bullies. J was teased about his ears for years. Really heartbreaking. I'm glad she has such a loving family who loves her and lets her know she is amazing every day!

    (And congrats on the A1C! Brilliant!)

  2. What beautiful handwriting...and a beautiful heart...

    Love that girl!

    Seriously :)

  3. So Sweet!

    I'm a worrier, too. And it seems like there is so much to worry about. You have strong girls! Your love will shine through!

    By the way...I can't get your blog to be updated on my blog! Do you know how to fix this?

  4. Thank you ladies!

    Hallie...I'm not sure why I'm not being updated on your blog. Am I doing something wrong? I went to Meri's blog since I know that she follows me and my blog updates on her blog so I don't know why it isn't working for you. I'm all new to this :) Maybe delete me and then add me again??? If I need to change something on my end, let me know!

  5. Those answers would have had me teary-eyed, too. Such a sweet, sensitive girl, she is! It's hard not to worrry, I know. Keep talking to her!