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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Candy Hearts Give-A-Way!

Listen up people....if you want an insulin pump pack/pouch for your child to use when they are really active you need to look into TALLYGEAR (Tummietote Belts) for your son or daughter.  The Sugar Princess really loves wearing hers and it doesn't move around and bounce around like other pump pouches.  Here are some photos of The Sugar Princess wearing her tummietote...
Front View - You wouldn't even know that she is wearing a pump under her shirt.
(Her favorite color is yellow)
Back View!
The Sugar Princess loves to wear them swimming too because they stay in place and do not move around...the tubing from her pump stays in place too! (Note...she has an Animas Ping Insulin Pump which is waterproof)
My little water bug displaying her tummietote belt and showing off her "Pink" Ping!
She looks so tired, but I think it's because she wore her goggles all day!  She loves to swim!
I can't say enough good things and I'm looking forward to new designs.  I highly recommend them, but if you are unable to buy one right now you are in LUCK!  Head on over to CANDY HEARTS right now and enter to win your child or yourself your own Tummietote.  You don't have to have type 1 diabetes to love these belts!

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