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Thursday, September 9, 2010

P.I.T.A.....Not what you think!

We have a member of our family named ...."Pita".  Pita is our 13 year old cat!  When Queen Alopecia was little she often asked, "How did Pita get her name?"  We told her that it was because Pita loved to eat sandwiches,  but the true meaning is because this cat is a Pain In The Ass!  Did I mention that Pita is actually a "boy", but he is fixed so we still call Pita a! This cat constantly follows you around, meows constantly, would sleep on your face in the middle of the night if you would let her (instead settles for your chest), and now that she is old....she can't seem to poop in her kitty litter box!  My basement contains five kitty litter boxes for 1 cat!  Five boxes that each contain a piece of linoleum under it....Hey, it makes for quick clean up, right?  My husband wishes that Pita would find her way outside one night and the coyotes would get her, but she has been with us basically from the beginning.  We (my husband and I...not the cat!) will celebrate our 14th anniversary this November.  Pita again is 13 years old.  We can't get rid of her....the kids adore her....they dress her up in baby clothes, try to hand feed her, etc. 

Well, Pita redeemed herself the night before last.....she caught herself a MOUSE! (Husband left basement door open by mistake....GRRR!) There I was chasing the cat around the house yelling....drop it, drop it (ofcourse I wouldn't say it if the mouse was still alive!).  Finally, Pita dropped the mouse and I got rid of it, but not before the kids got a real good look at it (they were following me around while I was yelling like a mad 

There it was....a mouse missing it's head....GROSS!....
Queen Alopecia...."Mom, I guess I know what Pita likes to eat."
Queen Alopecia..."Mouse Brains!"
Me and The Sugar Princess....."EEWWWWWW"!

Afterwards we noticed that that little mouse must of put up a little fight...

Pita with her "War Wound" on her nose....a scratch from the mouse!
Don't worry.....Queen Alopecia was there to "mend" poor Pita...

Queen Alopecia tried to mend Pita's wound and wrapped her up in a blanket!
I think Pita saw the camera coming and stuck out her tongue!
Poor little Pain in the ass!


  1. Awwww.....I love PITA!!!!!

    I had to leave my 12 year old kitty behind when we made this move....miss her, love her....

    That tongue!!! HA HA HA HA!!!

  2. You gave me a good laugh with that story! We, too, have a cat that I think is a pain, but would be so sad if something happened to him. He sounds a lot like your PITA!

  3. What a cute cat! I love the bandage on her nose.

    We have two, eleven-year-old cats, and I think they would run if they ever saw a mouse! I don't think they'd know what to do with it! They see crickets, cock their heads in wonder and just stare. So, I say nice work, Pita!

  4. OMG this was funny Ronda. I just happened over. My blog roll doesn't show when you post! ARGH. I'll have to stop by more often. xoxo

  5. It was pretty funny...I couldn't resist taking a photo.
    Reyna....I don't know why most people don't get updated (I'm probably doing something, but they deleted me from their reading list and then re-added me and then it seemed to work. I need to post more often.

  6. PITA.... I've been known to refer to... something other a cat.... as a PITA. I know you will relate to this as you deal with them, too, every day!